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2024 Workers’ Day: CUPP Slams Tinubu’s Administration As A Catastrophic Failure


THE Coalition of United Political Parties, CUPP, in its Workers’ Day statement has come down heavily on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s administration calling it a catastrophic failure and disaster.

In a Press Release issued by the Coalition’s Spokesperson, Comrade Mark Adebayo, the coalition stated among other things that “For instance, look at the current fuel scarcity and how Nigerians are suffering to get something that God has given us in natural abundance. There is no tenable excuse for the current fuel scarcity and the government is totally complicit in creating this artificial scarcity thereby making the lives of workers and other Nigerians more difficult than it already was.

“The Tinubu presidency is unprecedented in its level of falsehood, incompetence and wicked application of neo-liberal policies that only cater to the needs of the rich and powerful in the country. Since May 29th that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu took the reins of power last year from the very first minute, his biggest achievements have been to increase the economic hardship of the people exponentially, insecurity has gotten out hand as our children are no longer safe in their schools anymore, job and business losses are in their thousands on a daily basis, unbearable costs of living and gross mismanagement of our sociopolitical affairs, inter alia.

“Tinubu has become the biggest error to have ever befallen Nigeria and must be shown the way out of government house by deliberate electoral choice come 2027. The suffering in the land is too much and nobody should be under any illusion that it would reduce in spite of government propaganda. This government has nothing good to offer the Nigerian worker except empty promises and heavier loads of hardship.

“While we say happy workers’ day, we equally commiserate with the Nigerian workers and regular Nigerians on the untold hardships that this APC government is inflicting on all Nigerians. But we must never relent in the struggle to free Nigerians from the hands of those whose primary aim of being in government is strictly to satisfy their most wanton appetite at the expense of the Nigerian people

“Aluta continua, victoria ã certa” the statement concluded.


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