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Aisha Yesufu Replies Tinubu Fans Asking Her What Obi Would Have Done Differently

The iconic #EndSARS Activist and supporter of the Labour Party Presidential Candidate, Aisha Yesufu, responded on X to those challenging her to say if Peter Obi would have done better than President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

She tweeted:

“If it was your candidate that was there what would he do differently”

It is not my candidate that is there.
Your candidate rigged his way in to be worse than Buhari in less than 6 months.

Let’s focus on the disaster we have in office.

When my candidate enters office (God willing) legitimately and does one tenth as bad as what your current disaster is doing we will both drag him like small generator.
Voting for candidate is not enslavement to candidate


  1. You are a good woman Aishat but I will say without being disrespectful that you speak out of insufficient and biased information about the last presidential election. Post election, you are also not sufficiently knowledgeable about how bad Nigerian economy was. For one, you are not aware of the high corruption that the fuel subsidy payments had been for decades. Please get information. Sure things are bad but it could have been worse. In all of these, the politicians are still all to blame. Hopefully Tinubu with painful but right decisions can change the trajectory of our economy especially by providing power, security ,infrastructure and block avenues of corruption through computerized payments & transactions and effective Banking supervision. Monopoly of cement production should also be broken


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