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BREAKING: Hamas Officially Opposes UK’s Plan To Join Gaza War

“The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) condemns Britain’s intention to participate with its army in the genocidal war against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

“The movement believes that its army’s announcement of its intention to carry out intelligence flights over the Gaza Strip makes it a partner with the Zionist occupation in its crimes, and responsible for the massacres to which our Palestinian people are subjected.

“Britain should have corrected its historical position that was offensive to our people, and atone for the Balfour Declaration, which is the sin of the century, instead of committing another sin, and reminding the world of its shameful colonial past, and in doing so, the British government would place itself at enmity with our people and all the free people of the world who reject the Zionist aggression against Gaza.

“We call on Britain to withdraw its direct participation and political and financial support for the war of genocide against Gaza, and to stop its subordination to the United States of America and its contribution to igniting wars, instead of contributing to peace and stability in the region.”



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