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BREAKING: Synagogue Rubbishes BBC’s Documentary On Late Prophet TB Joshua

The Synagogue Church of all Nations (SCOAN) today Tuesday, rubbished the BBC documentary on the ministry’s late Founder Prophet TB Joshua.

Describing the widely circulated documentary as unfounded, the church said characters interviewed in the report were unknown to the church.

BBC on Monday released a documentary on the late TB Joshua, accusing him of various crimes, including rape.

However, in a statement signed by its Public Affairs Director, Mr. Dare Adejumo, the church said: “BBC world services investigative unit, code-named Africa Eye came out this week with weird and strange episodes of atrocities against the late Founder of SCOAN.”

It said that to investigate and publish or broadcast reports was a central kernel in journalism but to do so outside the ethics and fundamental principles of the profession was an aberration.

According to the church, journalism as societal watch dog requires fairness, balancing and objectivity in order to command dignity honour and respect as the fourth estate of the realm.

Adejumo said: “BBC has compromised these lofty principles by descending into fictional narratives and propaganda, thus turning itself into a weapon for a hatchet job as gangsters in the gab of journalism with a destructive ulterior motive for personal gains against a perceived enemy.

“Only BBC can best explain why it woefully deviated from true journalism and chose to be dishing junks and feeding the public with stones called bread by its offensive and disenchanted reports of disgruntled elements.

“This, to say the least, is insulting to our professional and public intelligence.

“One thing is very obvious, hundreds of BBC charades cannot rubbish the indelible footprints of TB Joshua’s legacies on earth again.”

According to the Church, thousands received dumbfounding miracles and tremendously benefited from the anointing and grace the Lord endued with His servant.

SCOAN submitted: “Those beneficiaries are all over the place and cannot be disputed that are lining up and responding angrily to this imperialist broadcasting station.

” Many of them are in the UK the home base of BBC but which its jaundiced investigative eyes cannot see but only the obviously suborned narrators!

“Myriads of broken homes reconciled by TB Joshua are also crying foul of BBC’s broadcast of iniquity. Uncountable hopeless children drawn from different parts of the world; some brought by their parents while some were picked from drug joints or brothels who have gotten their destinies restored are also pissed off by the offensive reports.


” BBC has obviously shot itself in the foot by its compromise and roadside journalism.”

It said the BBC would not have lost anything if it had gone to the church even to disguise as visitors in order to have direct experience of what was happening in the church instead of relying on disgruntled and manipulated individuals some of whom were never known before in SCOAN.

“Some of those identified there are relics of homosexual and lesbian associates.

“My findings further show that everything the BBC put together is strange to SCOAN.

“One other clearly illogical thing in the charade is the BBC categorical statement that the man of God was involved in all the abuse for over two decades!

” How can that be in a nation governed by law? It shows the station’s crude disrespect and bizarre perception of Nigeria.

“Where were all those shameless interviewees in all the decades? Was it when the man passed on that they suddenly became awake or came back to their senses? Only a fool will have respect for such charlatans.”

According to the church, this is not only shameful to hear but also insulting to see from the work of supposedly well-trained reporters.

It pointed out that it was all to call the dog a bad name so that they could hang it.

It added that It was obvious that the sponsors of the BBC hatchet job must have been envious of the continued growth of the church like the tree planted by the river side.

“Thank God your report exonerated his only wife of any wrong doings throughout the decades of your so-called investigated lopsided work.

“But did you think any wife at all can see and watch all those nonsensical and annoying scenarios you painted for decades and still kept silent? I am yet to read or see such a woman in the universe!

“This is illogical, irritating, incomprehensible, unfathomable and satanically dubious and malicious.”

The church condemned the report and begged God to forgive the sponsors, saying persecution of divine envoys or servants of God was not new in history.

It noted that, for cursed and manipulated false witnesses to arise against the Gospel had been the lot of the Church.



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