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Comedian Seyilaw Spends ‘Eye-Opening’ Christmas With Troops Fighting Boko Haram, Says Defence Budget Perhaps Too Small

I am spending my Christmas with our troops in Maiduguri, and my discussion with some top personnel is giving me some deep insights. A troop of 28,000 men and with a budget of N1,000 each for food daily, that is N28,000,000 and for a month (28 days) comes up to N784,000,000. Nigeria has over 223,000 active soldiers.

We talked about MRAP vehicles, where 88 is supposed to be provided for each battalion. A unit costs about $300,000. You can do the maths. While we think the defence budget is huge, it is actually meagre compared to what is truly needed.

One of the top personnel said, “The cost of chaos is cheap, but the battle to restore peace is too expensive.”

Technology of military wares keeps evolving, and we are struggling to meet up. My eyes have been opened to a lot of knowledge.

The catastrophe of the prolonged battle of insurgency is huge. Some of the rescued women and kids born in the camps know no other life apart from the trouble.

May God continue to protect our men and women of the Nigeria Armed Forces as they fight to keep us safe.


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