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EFCC Must Arrest Ex-Gov Yahaya Bello By All Means, Says Anti-Corruption Groups

Press Conference By Zero Corruption Agenda In Collaboration With Kogites United Against Corruption, Lagos in 24th of May 2024


Ladies and gentlemen of the media,

We have decided to add our voice of reason to the controversy on the issue between the EFCC and a former Kogi Governor called Yahaya Bello.

Corruption is a problem to Nigeria and it did not start today. Nigeria is backward today because of corruption. The problem of poverty everywhere in Nigeria today is caused by corruption. All of us are suffering in Nigeria because of corruption.

Corruption is killing Nigeria and it must be killed before it kills Nigeria totally.

This is why no corrupt Governor or minister or Commissioner or local government Chairman or even president must be allowed to go scot-free.

Yahaya Bello has been accused of stealing the Kogi State money by EFCC. The law gives EFCC the responsibility to arrest and investigate and take any corrupt official to court. It has been doing this from the time of president Obasanjo when it was created. Many big men have gone to jail for corruption in Nigeria. Many yahoo boys have gone to jail for scam. Many politicians including former Governors have also gone to jail for corruption. Why should Yahaya Bello who may even be the worst of them all be different?

It is disappointing that some civil society leaders who we used to respect a lot now coming out to disturb EFCC by saying EFCC should leave Yahaya Bello alone. Why? How big was the money they collected to sell their souls to the demon of corruption?

Yahaya Bello has been alleged to commit many atrocities in Kogi State when he was governor apart from corruption that everybody can see except those who are benefiting from it. Even the last election they claimed to win in that state is corruption and the court will do what is necessary we are sure.

What is EFCC waiting for all these days? We call on the EFCC chairman to seek the help of the military and police and INTERPOL and smoke this man out of his hiding and take him to court. No court order can stop EFCC from performing its jobs under the law. Yahaya Bello must go to jail for his alleged corruption. EFCC should ignore any court order that says it cannot do its duties.

Get Yahaya Bello arrested at all costs even if he is hiding in Kogi State Government house or anywhere. Ignore any yẹyẹ court that tells you otherwise.

As for civil society groups who are supporting corrupt politicians, who go and gather poor people at Agege, Mushin, Yanyan, Mararaba to give them five hundred Naira to make noise after collecting hundreds of millions of Naira from Yahaya Bello,  we say shame on you. From now on we shall tackle you crowd for crowd, press conference for press conference and protests for protests.

We stand with EFCC. EFCC must arrest Yahaya Bello court order or no court order.

Emmanuel K. Abe


24th May, 2024


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