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Gbadamosi BOG Spits Fire, Wants Nigerians Armed Against Killer Fulani In Middle-Belt, Nationwide

A former Governorship Candidate in Lagos State, Babatunde Gbadamosi, sparked controversy at the weekend on Twitter X, calling for the arming of citizens against armed militants.

About 200 villagers, mainly women and children, were killed in cold blood by suspected Fulani terrorists who invaded Bokkos area of Plateau State on Christmas Eve December 24.

Popularly called BOG, the former Governorship Candidate for the Action Democratic Party (ADP) in the 2019 election on Friday tweeted:

“If you are from the Middle-Belt or any part of Southern Nigeria, and you are not buying guns and other effective battlefield weapons for yourself or your people if you have funds, you’re a Dead Man or Woman walking.

“Nigeria is now the country of The Walking Dead, thanks to the Fulani Terrorists and the thieving ‘government.’”

Showing a video of protesters in Plateau State, Gbadamosi, who returned to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) after his unsuccessful bid for the governorship via ADP, further tweeted:

“What you need is WEAPONS for all these men and women, not placards. Many of them will likely be gruesomely murdered in the next few days, unless the attackers meet effective resistance.



Responding to Gbadamosi, Muhammad Okoye tweeted:

“The law will handle it brother you arm these youths you’d have a different problem in two years. Cause you don’t know who you’re arming!”

However, Gbadamosi would have none of this and fired back by tweeting:

“Which STUPID law is that, that couldn’t save the lives of the millions that have been killed since 2010? I’m not certain that you’re well sir.”

Muhammad Okoye responded:

“Okay. But no one is arming anyone lawfully though. We don’t want the Southwest going crazy after they’ve “neutralized” the threat. If the uniforms do it though, no negative aftermath. Can’t just be arming people cause you’re angry. That’s anarchy!”

To which an apparently irate Babatunde Gbadamosi went:

“And what is happening now is not anarchy, of course, in your mind.”

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