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George, The Joy Spoiler, And His New Morbid Project

PDP Strategic Thinkers

Bad belle George, if you are so unfortunate not to have a successful child like the Late Herbert Wigwe of Access Bank, too bad. And you can’t imagine how these younger entrepreneurs could have surpassed you in life without your influence, in spite of the larger-than-life role you played between 1999 and 2007.

They took risks and the risks paid off. You can never imagine how many took the same risks and got drowned. Don’t envy the survivors. They paid their dues to make it.

How can a pot call the kettle black? What do you do for a living, George?
Who is paying you this time for smearing the name of a dead younger man?

To deserve answers to your questions from those people, you should come clean and explain your own wealth first. What was the source of your wealth? Where is your factory? How much do you receive in pensions from the Military to justify your assets in Lagos, Abuja and other parts of Nigeria, London and Europe?

How did you pay OBJ back for all he did for you between 1999 and 2007? What names did you call him behind his back?

Who is paying for this your hatchet job?

What a shame, George!

But that is George for you, people. His contribution to the imbalanced Nigerian economy and the world economy is a reflection of his own personal experience that is worth nothing to those who are struggling to survive in this hardship.

He has no idea about entrepreneurial ambition; neither does he have any knowledge of economics or the politics of it. He is no more than a political tool used for hatchet jobs. He is a puppet for the powers that be, used to destroy objects or persons in their way. Refer to JK. Refer to Obanikoro. From all those bitter encounters, his nickname quickly became “George the joy spoiler.”

If he had a deeper reflection of events regarding the circumstances surrounding the subject matter, he might have a different perspective on the situation. What was Herbert’s offence to deserve such horrible tributes from George?

Even if he chooses to air his views on the subject, why couldn’t this old man wait until the burial was over? What is so urgent about round-tripping of currency by banks in this country?

The rules made it possible for the custodians of our resources to take advantage of our commonwealth.
If this unhealthy trend must change, the rules must change.

What was George’s proposed solution after crying wolf?

He was asking for the people he mentioned to be invited. To do what? Explain why they took advantage of the system?

Bullshit! The best that could be accomplished in that circumstance would be to have money exchange hands. This will amount to extortion from this group of people using George to throw their names in the public space to embarrass them and blackmail them into submission.

It will not solve the problems.

Who is working with George to arm-twist the commercial sectors of our economy? These people are going to do more harm than good to our economy. They will succeed in their mission to extort money from this group of people but the consumers will be surcharged for it.

First, let the government change the laws that make it convenient to make easy money.

Also, there is imminent danger in the tactics of George & Co, because the angry public may inadvertently turn against the commercial sector and make it harder for them to do business. This will lead to more people losing their jobs, inflation will go up and the economy will crash further. However you look at it, it’s not a good thing for our country.

The desperation of this government to divert the attention of the public away from itself is astounding to believe; but it is also shocking that they don’t care about the consequences of their policies.

When will the people ever matter to this government?

The government has work to do, to steer the wheel of change through the economy and improve its competitiveness by improving public services such as healthcare, education and creating the enabling environment for the private sector to thrive, particularly the medium-scale industries and the artisans. They are very important to the growth, development and prosperity of our Nation.

The government must enhance these sectors and improve their efficiency by increasing their competitiveness through greater investment opportunities for our citizens. In these circumstances, the banks and other major institutions can be co-opted by the government to ensure that they adhere to the rules and regulations governing the banking sector and other financial institutions.

Any attempt to blindside these institutions will result in chaos and corruption that could only complicate matters instead of solving them.



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