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Gov Fubara Tells New Attorney-Gen To Probe Wike’s 8 Years

Rivers State’s Governor Siminalayi Fubara has plans by his administration to set up a probe panel into past governance by predecessors, including his estranged former godfather Nyesom Wike.

Fubara broke the news on Monday after swearing in Dagogo Iboroma as the Attorney-General of the state shortly after the Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) was screened and confirmed by the minority Victor Oko-Jumbo-led House of Assembly.

He emphatically stated that the state was in a critical situation where it has become obvious that the political crisis had no resolution.

The Governor accused his opponents of deliberately sabotaging his administration while he was hoping that the issue in the state would be resolved amicably.

The governor said he was bringing the Attorney-General on board at a critical time when there were lots of legal matters that needed to be tackled, with bravery and courage.

He said, “So, my brother, Dagogo Iboroma, you are going to be the brand new Attorney-General of our dear State. SSG, give him his letter, he is the Attorney-General.

“Why are we bringing you at this very critical time? We have a lot of issues around us. We believe that you are not going to be the one that when they send service to you, you go and file “nolle prosequi” or you go and file one thing that would kill us here.

“Let me also say this, you have a big task. We will be setting up a judicial panel of inquiry to investigate the affairs of governance. So, brace up, I am not going back on it.

“Please, defend us. We know that you are going to defend us because your record is clean. You are a gentleman and peaceful. You are not a noise maker. People like you are endowed, and they have the fear of God.”

In a tweet, he wrote:

“I present to you the brand new Attorney-General of our dear State. Why are we bringing you at this very critical time, you have a big task. As it is today, in the local parlance, they say the Jungle don mature.

“We will be setting up a panel of inquiry to investigate governance in the State so brace up, I am not going back on it.”

He vowed to make tough decisions moving forward no matter how hurtful they would seem.

Governor Fubara also responded to comments by former Attorney General Zacchaeus Adangor (SAN), and his counterpart in the Ministry of Works Alabo George-Kelly.

He accused the former former Attorney-General, Prof. Zaccheaus Adangor of sabotaging his administration by filing nolle prosequi against the interest of the state.

He said:  “It is good that you were already a SAN before your appointment. This means that you’re a very thorough lawyer and has earned your appointment. Not like the one we had here, who while in office, they went to pay money to get SAN. When you become a SAN, the only thing you will do is to sabotage government.

“Instead of you to close your mouth, you go publicly to claim that you are a learned person. But go publicly to tell people that you were the Chief Law Officer. Chief Law Officer? You were here and you went to stand before a magistrate court. At that time, you didn’t remember that you were a Chief Law Officer, going against the ethics of your job. Like I said, you will get your reward, not in the next world, but in this world.”

On the comment by George-Kelly, Governor Fubara maintained he would have been promoted beyond Level 14 in the civil servants before his retirement.

He said he was already on Level 13 as a Chief Account Officer before 2023.

According to him, even if it was a mistake, by the special grace of God he is here as a Governor.


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