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Israeli Tank Kills Reuters Journalist, Injures 6 Others In Lebanon

An Israeli tank crew killed a Reuters journalist and wounded six reporters in Lebanon on October 13, firing two shells in quick succession from Israel while the journalists were filming cross-border shelling.

The two strikes killed Reuters visuals journalist Issam Abdallah, 37, and severely wounded Agence France-Presse (AFP) photographer Christina Assi, 28, just over a kilometre from the Israeli border near the Lebanese village of Alma al-Chaab.

Reuters spoke to more than 30 government and security officials, military experts, forensic investigators, lawyers, medics and witnesses to piece together a detailed account of the incident. The news agency reviewed hours of video footage from eight media outlets in the area at the time and hundreds of photos from before and after the attack, including high-resolution satellite images.

As part of its investigation, Reuters also gathered and obtained evidence from the scene including shrapnel on the ground and embedded in a Reuters car, three flak jackets, a camera, tripod and a large piece of metal.

A Reuters team and journalists from AFP and Al Jazeera operated in the hills in the south of Lebanon, looking back towards Israel, which is just over 1 km away.


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