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Kogi Group Replies Okutepa, Defends Yahaya Bello


The attention of the Kogi Development Forum (KDF) has been drawn to a statement credited to Mr. Jubril Okutepa, SAN, a known controversial legal practitioner where he attempted to discredit the decision of the Kogi State Government to set the records straight in the aftermath of what many Nigerians have tagged persecution of the immediate past Governor of the State, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

We consider this unguarded and unwarranted attack by Mr. Okutepa. SAN, as an assault on the collective sensibility and integrity of our State and the tireless efforts of the new administration in the State to sustain the legacy of the unprecedented developments inherited from former Governor Yahaya Bello.

Mr. Jubril Okutepa’s statement which is a continuation of his persistent political vendetta against former Kogi Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, is not only baseless but also reeks of opportunism and self-serving motives. Mr. Okutepa’s attempt to vilify the Kogi State Government and the State’s Commissioner for Information, Mr. Kingsley Fanwo, under the guise of defending the EFCC’s campaign of calumny against the former Governor is also nothing short of a desperate ploy to gain attention and potentially seek patronage.

It is evident that Mr. Okutepa is merely a hustler seeking attention and trying to use the case of the EFCC against former Governor Yahaya Bello as a means to lobby for personal gains. His blatant disregard for facts and eagerness to engage in character assassination exposes his true intentions.

We need to let Mr. Okutepa and his co-travellers in the journey of bringing disrepute to our dear state understand that the Kogi State Government has a duty to its citizens to address any false claims made against it, especially those propagated by obnoxious entities who are adamant on using the EFCC to achieve their selfish political objectives. We wish to state unequivocally that there is no substantiated evidence to support the allegations that former Governor Bello stole money belonging to Kogi State according to available and verified records. Any insinuation otherwise is not only misleading but also very malicious.

Furthermore, we advise Mr. Okutepa to concentrate on the case of his clients – the SDP and its Governorship candidate – at the Tribunal. Assuming a spokesperson’s role for the EFCC is a miscalculated move that has further exposed the political conspiracy in the so-called EFCC allegations.

Okutepa’s reckless statements and unfounded allegations serve no purpose other than to sow discord in Kogi State and do not portray him as learned in the true sense of the word.

If the EFCC has any issues to intervene on, it has qualified Spokespersons to talk on its behalf. It does not require the services of opportunistic legal bandits and villainous scandal mongers to come to its aide except the EFCC itself has made itself vulnerable to the atrocious conspiracy of political machinations of opbrobrious politicking.

Okutepa has all the rights in the world to defend his clients, but his toilet paper statement further gives credence to the public suspicions that the whole Yahaya Bello persecution is a deliberate political vendetta being orchestrated by undesirable political elements. It is now very clear that whatever is happening now is a mere drama crafted by political desperados to discredit an individual they see as having achieved more than they can ever aspire to.

Finally, we urge the public to disregard Mr. Okutepa’s baseless attack and remain focused on the positive strides being made by the state government currently.

We are non-partisan Kogites but we remain committed to transparency, accountability, and the rule of law, and will not be deterred by individuals with ulterior motives who are hell-bent on destabilising our dear State. We also remain committed to a Kogi State devoid of ethnic polarization and acrimony.


Engr. Adams Dan Ojonugwa, Coordinator


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