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LP’s Rhodes-Vivour Lists Documents For Safe Land Ownership In Lagos

Below is a list of all documents and processes required by the government to construct a building in Lagos.

The government must acknowledge that  approvals were either given in error or  fraudulently AND buildings were not monitored or monitored fraudulently,in which case the government must  recognize that they are complicit in criminal activity and are liable for all the floods  caused by their illegal approvals.


  1. Prepare All Required Documents (survey plan, title documents, architectural, structural, mechanical & electrical, soil investigation & report)
  2. Submission and Review by LASPPA
  3. Approval and Permit Issuance
  4. Construction starts
  5. Final Inspections and Compliance by LASBCA

Documents & reports required:

  1. Survey Plan
  2. Architectural Drawings(sealed, signed, and stamped by an ARCON registered architect)
  3. Tax Clearance Certificate
  4. Land Use Charge Receipt
  5. Proof of Ownership
  6. Structural Drawings
  7. Structural Stability Letter.
  8. Structural Engineer’s Supervision Letter
  9. COREN Calculation Sheets
  10. Subsoil Investigation Report
  11. Electrical Drawings
  12. Mechanical Drawings




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