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LP’s Rhodes-Vivour Visits Demolished Mende, Says Lagos Govt Lied To Justify Action

I visited Mende Villa Estate to understand the situation of things.

1) The residents of the estate were never given any notice of demolition.

2) There were no prior warnings or markings in the estate pre-demolition.

3) Bill’s for land use charge have consistently been sent.

4) The residents have valid documentation issued to them by state authorities. This estate has been in existence for 15 years.

5) On drawings, it is clear the Canal was not as wide when the land was secured,nor has it been channelled by the government.

Recently, the govt has been passionately destroying homes, claiming to be fighting illegal building construction without purging internal “saboteurs” and collaborators whose approvals/negligence enabled these buildings, Instead the people bear the brunt for govt incompetence.

The question is for a party that talks about its “masterplan.” Does the approval/consent of successive governors count for nothing? when property rights are under threat, investors are compelled to seek alternatives. Historically, we witnessed this happen in Delta state.

Today in lagos, Shit is still officially being dumped in the lagoons. Canals are neither channelled nor maintained. Instead, it is overgrown with plants, etc. Ilubirin blocked a major waterway and is linked to major flooding on Lagos island. “Enviroment”

We will build a Lagos that works for all, not the one where people’s dreams, their sweat and tears, are destroyed by politicians who live on patronage.



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