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NOUN Students Want Pastor Enenche To Apologise For Humiliating Alumnus Nnenna

‘She Made Errors From Suffering Stage Fright’

Press Release

Date: 15-04-2024


The Congress of National Open University of Nigerian Students (CONS) hereby demands an immediate public apology from Pastor Paul Enenche for the insulting remarks made towards a law graduate from NOUN, Mrs Anyim Veronica Nnena, who happens to be a member of his church.

In a recent incident during a church testimony, Pastor Paul Enenche made an unnecessary disparaging remark that belittled, dehumanize and diminish the person of Mrs Anyim Veronica Nnena, who simply made verbal communication error while giving testimony, an honest mistake that is normal with anyone not familiar with public speaking due to crowd tension.

She later corrected the mistake to our understanding.

Anyone who watched the clip can see that public speaking wasn’t her best quality and all through the testimony, she was under tension and speaking in a programmed manner to avoid making any mistake with her obviously rehearsed speech.

The dehumanization of a NOUN graduate from someone who claims to be her pastor, have caused significant distress and outrage among the NOUN community and beyond.

We consider the behavior of Pastor Paul as an attempt to strip Mrs Veronica all human dignity, lacking in emotional intelligence and a conduct that should not be found within the house of God.

The Congress of NOUN Students (CONS) unequivocally condemns such disrespectful remarks, which undermine the hard work and dedication of Mrs Veronica and by extension, The National Open University of Nigeria.

Nobody is above mistake and no one should be dehumanized just because of their minor error.

We therefore call upon Pastor Paul Enenche to issue a public apology to Mrs Veronica within the next 48hrs, acknowledging the harm caused by his words and expressing remorse for the offense inflicted upon the NOUN graduate and the entire NOUN community.

We understand that Pastor Paul may have reacted without properly thinking through the effect of his remarks, but the negative effect is evident, firstly on the psychology of Mrs Veronica who has now been subjected to national ridicule and by extension, the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

The Congress of NOUN Students (CONS) remains committed to defending the rights and dignity of its students nationally and we will not hesitate to take further action to right the wrong done to our student.

For further inquiries, please contact: [email protected]

Congress of National Open University of Nigeria (CoNS)


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