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Senator Shehu Sani Rubbishes Tinubu’s New Year Speech

Those who were waiting for the N35k bonus alert have now gave up and are now begging for their December salaries.

You never see pounded Yam for plate,you come de ask for more soup.

The President speech is good and encouraging.It gives the kind of hope raised by Native Doctors;that you will be delivered from your sickness but no date.

N65Billion was spent by the CBN to renovate the National Theatre Lagos.

The Cows and Goats that were burnt in the recent fire incident, were they part of a staged drama?

The only innocent people paying the price for the destruction of the economy are the downtrodden masses.Those who wrecked the country are still at liberty with their loot & those in the position of power are still ‘maintaining’ their luxuries,unaffected by the prevailing pains.

Happy New Year to all.May the new year ursher in a new era of peace for the whole of mankind.


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