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South West Fulani Chiefs Condemn Killing Of 3 Yoruba Obas


South West Fulani Chiefs condemn killing of Ekiti Obas, call for action

The South West Fulani Chiefs have expressed their deep concern over the tragic killings of Ekiti traditional leaders. They urge immediate action to address these acts of violence.

Reacting to the unfortunate development, Chairman of the South West Council of Fulani Chiefs and Sarkin Fulani of Lagos, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar Bambado II, said, “It is worrisome to see criminal acts escalate to the point of causing ethnic tensions. We are calling on the government, security, and intelligence agencies to proactively address crime, to prevent it from leading to ethnic and religious conflicts. It’s crucial to act decisively against criminality to foster a sense of unity among our people.”

Details of these were contained in a statement dated February 8, 2024 and released to the Nigerian Press by the Media Team of Sarkin Fulani of Lagos.

Through this statement, Alhaji Bambado II said, “We also want to address the quick judgment some may have towards other ethnic groups based on media reports of criminal activities. It is important to remember that crime does not belong to any particular group. Just as there have been criminals identified as members from other tribes, it is unfair to single out the Fulani community in cases of crimes in a way that suggests profiling them as if they are good for nothing than criminality. Ethnic profiling is not the solution to our security challenges; it’s the responsibility of the authorities to enforce the law impartially.

“We also wish to clarify that the Fulani community, like any other, is committed to the peace, unity and progress of Nigeria despite the challenges we face. We stand against any form of crime, regardless of the perpetrator’s ethnic or religious background. Our stance remains firm: If a Fulani individual commits a crime, they should face the consequences as dictated by law.

“The recent accusations and media portrayal of the Fulani community in the wake of crimes in the South West are concerning. We urge everyone to refrain from jumping to conclusions without evidence and to work towards unity rather than division.

“In the light of the recent killings of two Ekiti traditional rulers, we express our condolences and condemn these acts in the strongest terms. We appreciate the efforts of the Ekiti State Police Command in clarifying the situation and preventing further ethnic tensions.”

“Let’s remember that crime is a societal issue, not tied to any particular group. By working together, respecting the law and avoiding unjust accusations, we can overcome the challenges we face. Let’s unite in our efforts to make Nigeria a peaceful and prosperous nation for all,” the South West Fulani Chiefs said according to their Chairman and Sarkin Fulani of Lagos, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar Bambado.



HRH Alhaji (Dr) Mohammed Abubakar Bambado II

Thursday, February 8, 2024.


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