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Tinubu Asked To Honour Mega-Businesswoman Princess (Dr.) Rosemary Osula Mku-Atu As She Marks Birthday

The Managing Director of Siswi Grey Nigeria Limited, Mr. Solomon Oba Olufelo, has sent his congratulations and encomiums to Princess (Dr.) Mrs. Rosemary Osula Mku-Atu, who celebrates her birthday today Friday, the 12th April, 2024.

Olufelo called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to honour Princess (Dr.) Mrs. Rosemary Osula Mku-Atu with a “long-overdue” National Award in recognition of her benevolence, enterprise, pedigree and philanthropy.

In a press statement he circulated to journalists in Abuja, Olufelo thanked the Almighty God for granting the President of Sharon Properties Limited, Siswi Grey Nigeria Limited and the megatrend Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), the Rosula Foundation, the grace of a new age in the land of the living.

Justifying Osula’s“entitlement”to a national honour, Olufelo said: “Not only is Princess blessed among women, she is a diamond among Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora. If anyone is worthy ofthe country’s honorary award, Princess (Dr.) Mrs. Rosemary OsulaMku-Atu is the one.”

He prayed that God would grant the Princess of the great Benin Kingdom more decades to render to thousands of Nigerians, the great philanthropic services she had been dispensing silently and consistently without rolling out the drums or blowing her trumpet.

Olufelo submitted: “Princess Rosemary Osula Mku-Atu is a philanthropist par excellence, whose milk of human kindness has brought succor and hope to thousands of otherwise hopeless, downtrodden people in Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

In his words, “Madam is an accommodating, kind-hearted, merit-rewarding and completely detribalized Benin Princess, who has spent her years successfully building a megatrend business octopus that is hiring and feeding thousands of Nigerians and foreigners, and their families and dependents.

“My prayer and those of my Board of Directors and staff at Siswi Grey Nigeria Limited is that God will grant Madam a long life, in a sound body, surrounded by her illustrious children and grandchildren. May she never know sorrow over herself and her offspring.”

According to Olufelo, it is on record that the businesswoman, who owns tens of Abuja and Lagos buildings within the portfolio of her Sharon Properties, has awarded scholarships to over 500 indigent students in various Nigerian universities.

Olufelo, also, pointed out that her Rosula Foundation singlehandedly provided police barracks and stations with facilities like water boreholes, perimeter fencing and solar lighting.

Born over six decades ago, Princess (Dr.) Mrs. Rosemary Osula Mku-Atu is a blue-blood from the Osula Royal Family of the Great Benin Kingdom.

She is happily married with children.

“Happy Birthday to the amiable President of our organization, Princess (Dr.) Mrs. Rosemary Osula Mku-Atu. Congratulations Madam,” said the Managing Director of Siswi Grey Limited.


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