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US Man To Die For Rape-Killing 5-Year-Old After Paying Mum $2,500

A Georgia man Jeremy Williams has been sentenced to death for paying a mother, Kristen Siple, $2,500 to rape her 5-year-old daughter, Kamarie Holland, before ultimately murdering her.

The horrific details of the case have sparked widespread outrage and calls for severe punishment, including the death penalty for both Williams.

The emotional trial saw jurors reportedly crying upon viewing videos of Williams’ actions.

This tragic event has reignited debates about the death penalty, with many expressing support for its use in such heinous crimes.

Williams was convicted of paying mother-of-the-year Kristen Siple $2,500 to rape and sodomize her daughter.

He also killed little Kamarie Holland.

On Dec. 13, 2021, the bright little girl — described as “sweet and caring” — was snatched from her Columbus, Georgia home.

Williams took her to an abandoned ramshackle home where he once lived across the state line in Phenix City, Alabama, and raped, tortured and strangled the child to death.

And he filmed it.

Siple initially claimed she woke up that day to discover her daughter missing and the front door open. Last month she was singing a different tune when she confessed to selling her daughter to Williams for an hour to sate his sickening desires.

Mom now faces 20 years in prison for sex trafficking.

“If there’s ever been somebody that’s deserving of the death penalty, it’s Jeremy Williams,” Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor told reporters. “He’s another type of evil that we in society just don’t need walking around.”

In Russell County, Alabama, this was how it was going to end for evil Jeremy Williams. According to reports, at points during the trial jurors were sobbing as they watched bodycam footage of cops finding Kamarie’s body in the filthy basement.

And they also had to endure videos of the little girl being raped.

Williams was also more than familiar with the inside of a courtroom. A serial child abuser, he is also a suspect in the brutal murder of an Alabama toddler.

In 2009, he was acquitted of lowering a little boy, aged three, into a bowl of boiling water.

His ex-wife called him a “soulless” man who was “no longer worth her tears.”

A woman who was four when she was raped by Williams called him a “monster.”

And as the child killer heard the four death sentences pronounced, he was utterly without emotion.

“You don’t deserve life yourself,” Kamarie’s father, Corey Holland, told him at the sentencing. “We don’t have Kamarie and you don’t deserve to see your kids or life.”

The little girl’s sister added: “I don’t understand why someone would hurt her – she was so sweet and caring.”

Williams was also sentenced to life for the production of obscene material of a child and human trafficking, 20 years for conspiracy of human trafficking, and 10 years for abuse of a corpse.

“There’s no reason that baby should be in the ground. I want to remember her, not this joker. Jeremy is not somebody I want to remember in life,” DA Rick Chancey said.


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