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Woman Dies As Ekiti Man, Wife Fight With Knives Over Suspected Adultery

A man and his wife engaged in a fight with knives and bottles that left the woman dead, after the husband accused her of infidelity in Ekiti State.

The man, whom police have left unidentified, fought his wife to death at the weekend at Christ Avenue, situated in the Adebayo area of Ado-Ekiti.

According to eyewitnesses, the couple had sent their elder child on an errand before locking themselves inside their apartment.

They engaged in heated argument, fueled by accusations of marital infidelity.

However, the husband, said to be a law enforcement agent, had the upper hand over his wife, who was employed at a chemist shop, after their violent confrontation left both with severe injuries from sharp objects.

A witness recounted the harrowing scene, stating, “They locked themselves up inside their apartment with their younger child of about five years. The man confronted the deceased over allegations that she was cheating on him, a fight ensued leading him to stab his wife to death.”

Efforts by concerned individuals to intervene were hampered by the locked door, prompting some to resort to removing sections of the ceiling to gain entry.

Upon breaking the door open, the peacemakers discovered the grievously wounded couple, with the wife unconscious.

They rushed her to the hospital, but she succumbed to her injuries on the way.

Meanwhile, the equally gravely injured husband was promptly apprehended and transported to an undisclosed medical facility under police supervision.

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the fatal altercation.


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