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Woman Who Waited 10 Years For Baby, Kidnapped, Killed With Mum Doing ‘Omugwo’ In Abuja

A Twitter user under the name Olaudah Equiano has spoken of a kidnap case where abductors killed a woman who waited for 10 years to bear a child, was kidnapped for N90 million with the child and were eventually killed with her mum who came for “Omugwo” duties.

Olaudah Equiano posted on X:

This is Christiana Igba and her Mom.

Christiana waited for 10 years with her husband looking for the fruit of the womb before God blessed them with one in December of 2023.
Her elated mom then went for omugwo in Abuja.

However two weeks back kidnappers entered the home of Mr and Mrs Igba, kidnapped Christiana, her Mom and the baby while asking Mr Simon Igba, the husband for a N 90 million ransom which he couldn’t afford.

After bargaining with the kidnappers last week Wednesday the ransom was reduced to N 10 million.

While looking for the N 10 million, the baby fell sick at the kidnappers den, they gave the baby to another victim who was released to take to the hospital and contacted Simon Igba to get in touch with the woman which he did and got the baby out of the hospital.

Unfortunately the kidnappers have killed his wife, Christiana and her mother dumping their bodies in the bush.

Our reality now as Nigerians under the ruling All Progressive Congress.


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