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Youth Leader Slams Marafa, Says Matawalle’s Comments On ‘Paperweight Northern Elders’ Meant For National Unity

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress in Tsafe Local Govt of Zamfara State, Umar Abubakar has taken a swipe at the former Senator who represented Zamfara Central Senatorial district in the 7th and 8th Nigerian Senate, Kabir Marafa for criticizing the Minister of State for Defence, Dr. Bello Matawalle for characterizing the Northern Elders Forum as a political burden on the North.

Abubakar said it was shameful to see Marafa condescending so low by making infantile comments against a serving minister and strongly warned him to stop making any further incendiary comments about the former governor of Zamfara state, otherwise he would continue to portray himself as a desperate and selfish politician without conscience.

Abubakar described Matawalle as a seasoned politician who has undeniably captured public attention with his astute perspectives and insightful approach to political situations maintaining that he cannot be allowed to be embarrassed by characters who are already sent to political oblivion.

Speaking to senior political correspondents in Gusau Sunday night, Abubakar said:

“It is really ridiculous and even laughable to see someone who is already in political oblivion and struggling for relevance to order a sitting minister to retract his statement and offer an unconditional apology to the Northern elders and to all Northerners simply because Dr. Bello Matawalle said the truth in the interest of national cohesion, progress and to ultimately distance the north from any ethnic or tribal politics.

“Mafara making infantile and incendiary comments against a serving minister and former governor is regrettable and most unfortunate to say the least. Meanwhile, if he fails to stop making any further provocative and defamatory comments about Matawalle, he will continue to portray himself as a desperate and selfish politician without conscience and national interest.

“We the youths from the North especially from Zamfara State strongly stand with our leader and mentor, Dr. Bello Matawalle who is an epitome of good governance, having displayed merits and excellence when he was a Governor and presently as a serving Minister. We the youths want to reiterate very firmly that all paperweights Northern Elders who are no doubt a burden to the polity should be cautious of making unguided statements that could stir up the hornet’s nest in the country.

“I want to also use this opportunity to state unequivocally that Marafa should try and wash himself clean of the allegations that he is a mole in APC and we however admonish him to stop using matawalle’s name as an avenue to fully reestablish himself back to the party as a patriotic or loyal member of the APC. Nobody can pull the wool over our eyes anymore, we truly know who our leaders are, Marafa cannot cajole or hoodwink us. He is no match with Dr Bello Matawalle both in private and public service.”

Abubakar also advocates for a measured and thoughtful approach to political comments and opinions, emphasizing the need for political leaders to carefully deliberate on the pressing issues facing the nation and stop making reactions in the social and traditional media which are capable of tearing the country apart.

“Leaders must always purge themselves of sentiments and remain strategic and responsible in their counsel, sparking off a crucial conversation about the interplay between political ambition and the imperative to address the nation’s most critical concerns especially the issue of security must be done in a most decent, decorous, matured and acceptable manner. In all seriousness, there should be a more contemplative stance in the face of political decisions, inviting unbiased reflection on the delicate balance required for effective leadership and governance and more importantly the interest of Nigeria must be above other interests and ambitions.

“We must continually commend and support the Minister of State for Defence, Dr. Bello Matawalle‘s stance on his recent political comments which resonate as a call to action for a broader landscape of unity, national growth and development across the Niger. His patriotic emphasis on addressing critical issues before pursuing political ambitions or ethnic interests raise pertinent questions about the intersection of personal goals and societal needs.

“Impressively the Honourable Minister’s perspective has become a compass guiding the intricate web of ambition and responsibility. His insightful and lucid comments are encouraging and becoming a more nuanced and considerate approach to political decisions, seeking to align all interests from different zones of the country with the imperative of fostering a resilient and progressive nation that will be a pride to the citizenry and also the comity of nations. Matawalle has dispassionately singled himself out as a political connoisseur that should be commended and not vilified.” Abubakar stated.


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