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Diaspora $10bn Fund Earmarked For Investment By Nigerians Abroad

Nigeria’s Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment, Doris Uzoka-Anite, has announced the government’s plan to set up a $10 billion Diaspora fund to attract investment from citizens living abroad.

The Minister revealed on Friday, April 26, that the Diaspora fund would support critical sectors, including infrastructure, health care and education to grow the economy, adding that it will be guided by an advisory board comprising limited partners. She also called on eligible firms to express their interest in its management.

The proposed asset offering could take the shape of infrastructure, credit, and venture capital funds. Interested firms, including joint ventures and greenfield funds, are encouraged to apply by May 6.

Anite said: “The fund is part of broader efforts to strengthen ties between Nigeria and its Diaspora, and promote national development.

“Objective of the Nigeria Diaspora fund; The fund will be managed by Fund Managers that satisfy the criteria set out in the Expression Of Interest (EOI). The Fund manager will propose Fund structures that will focus on various sectors and stages of investments.

“Subject to the preferences indicated by fund managers, the fund will contain multiple investment platforms designed to offer investors different mechanisms for participating in Nigeria’s economic transformation.

“This fund is a way of encouraging remittances, attracting investments and facilitating philanthropic endeavours aimed at supporting various sectors such as infrastructure, healthcare, education and entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

“The launch of the Diaspora fund will serve as an opportunity to raise interest in and awareness of the fund: towards mobilizing capital investment from the Diaspora community.”

The fund managers will be responsible for designing investment platforms focused on the aforementioned sectors, and the investment period is three to five years, with a lifespan of 10 years, extendable by two years.

Anite added: “The fund presents an opportunity for Diaspora investors to contribute meaningfully to Nigeria’s socio-economic advancement.

“As part of this process, a committee was set up to design and develop the structure for a Diaspora fund. Various stakeholders in the capital markets, the investment community and Diaspora investors were engaged and also consulted on the establishment of the $10 billion Nigeria Diaspora Fund.

“The expected investment period is for three to five years with follow-on investments thereafter. The life of the fund will be 10 years (extendable by 2 years).

“The launch of the Diaspora fund is poised to raise awareness and mobilize capital investment from the Diaspora community, marking a significant milestone in Nigeria’s journey towards sustainable economic prosperity.”


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