Fr. Kukah, Imafidon Storm Bayelsa On Friday, As FirstNews Online Medium Clocks 3


Multi-Guinness World Record holder, Professor Chris Imafidon, has confirmed his participation as the second keynote speaker during the annual First News Newspaper national public lecture.

Also, the Catholic Bishop of the Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, would double as the special guest and keynote speaker, while globally renowned speaker, trainer and business adviser, David Parrish, would also deliver a special paper titled, “Creative Economy.”

A statement issued on Tuesday by the Chairman and Publisher of the Newspaper, Daniel Iworiso-Markson, a former Commissioner for Information in Bayelsa State, said the event taking place on Friday, November 3, 2023 in Yenagoa, would mark the third year anniversary of the online Newspaper.

Imafidon, who is an internationally renowned adviser to monarchs, governments, presidents and corporate leaders, is also a Special Guest at the public lecture, with the theme: “The Nigerian Question: Survival of the Federation in the throes of Increasing Economic Challenges.”

The event will hold at the Harold Dappa Biriye Conference Centre, Onopa Villas, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State at 10am prompt.

Imafidon would speak on “Digital Revolution: How AI, Blockchain & Digital Currency Will Impact The Economy.”

A former governor of Bayelsa State and incumbent Senator, Seriake Dickson, is the Chairman of the occasion while the current Governor of the state, Senator Douye Diri, will be the Special Guest of Honour.

Imafidon currently serves as the co-chair of the record breaking programme.

He is a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, a Sunday Times op-ed author, and a mentor to New York Times Bestsellers.

Imafidon chaired Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s platinum Jubilee STEM/Education programme.

Leading experts and media described him, “Head of Britain’s brainiest family, after his children and protégés broke multiple world records”.

The giant press agency, AFP and African Voice, see Prof. Imafidon as a mentor, multi-millionaire technology entrepreneur, and also serves as consultant to Silicon Valley Technology and Telecom corporate leaders, who are collaborating with Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other global giants.

He once chaired the Coronation lecture series on “How Artificial Intelligence will revolutionise education and employment as well as entrepreneurship”.

Imafidon has mentored youths, disadvantaged ladies and poor performing students to obtain extraordinary achievements in education, employment, and entrepreneurship.

Most of his proteges’ accomplishments exceed the record of the official Guinness Book of World records.

The statement said, “He has been quoted in over 16.9 million news media imprints. His insights, or results on Education, Technology, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, leadership, etc have been featured over 15.6 million times and can be found in publications and media outlets such as Reuters, Associated Press, AFP, Press Association; Washington Post, Guardian, BBC, New York Times, Hello Magazine, Polish News, The News International, USA Today, London’s Evening Standard etc.

“In 2016, his protégé became the youngest scientist ever to be honoured by HM Queen Elizabeth II (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire). His mentees have become leaders in Banking, Business, Technology, and Telecom.
In 2014, Prof Imafidon was listed in Worldwide WHO’S WHO of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs. A few months later, Imafidon was named as one of the top 100 influential leaders in the UK in the last 100 years. Recently, Prof Chris Imafidon was named as 13th in the world’s most reputable and influential 100 black leaders, ahead of presidents, CEOs, Olympians and other achievers.

‘He is listed in the World Book of Greatness of 2020. He is an extremely engaging, entertaining, and inspirational thought leader and keynote speaker.
Meanwhile, his famous formula which was first deployed in London, assists individuals and institutions to discover, develop and deploy their genius talents to achieve excellence in education, entrepreneurship or employment. Prof Imafidon co-founded #GeniusFormula, which has also produced multimillionaires and tech entrepreneurs, and helped teams and employees to 10x productivity and profitability, while assisting students who win top (Ivy League) scholarships.

“His protégés have been featured in Forbes, BBC, CNN, New York Times, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Financial Times, ITV, the Sun, the Sunday Times, Guardian etc.
Chris Imafidon is a 5X International bestselling author; Wall Street Journal bestselling author; Sunday Times op-Ed author and a mentor to New York Times Bestsellers. He is a former lead Professor and MBA degree programme leader. He has also headed EIE’s collaboration with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin mentoring programme in London, UK.”

Imafidon is regarded by world’s leading media as being “obsessed with bringing out the best in employees and entrepreneurs or youths and women or disadvantaged individuals irrespective of background or class, or races.”

He regards his grandmother as an inspirational person who made all the difference in his success because of her patience as she demonstrated the path to genius success.

During the pandemic, Imafidon volunteered and inspired workers, managers and leaders on how to thrive in turbulent times via virtual meetings and trainings. Using #Zoom, Microsoft #Teams, #Webex, #StreamYard and others, helped corporate clients globally.

He is co-chair of, programme – an alliance of inner-city educational charities and institutions, partners with royal projects and initiatives, and also worked directly with royals, through his education and empowerment initiatives and charitable programmes for underprivileged across the world with more projects in Africa and the commonwealth.

In recognition of Imafidon’s unique contributions to STEM teaching and research, he was one of the few scholars at Westminster Abbey for the final internment of Sir Stephen Hawking CBE.

Chris Imafidon’s highly acclaimed results have served as benchmarks for policy development.

The CNN journalists refer to him as an “intellectual icon and extraordinary educator” as his students now occupy major positions in Fortune 100 companies such as Goldman Sachs, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Citi Bank, HP, Barclays, Microsoft, Apple, etc.

Imafidon was invited to a front row seat at a special 90th birthday service inside Windsor Castle for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and was honoured by regular royal invitations.

Since the era of Miss Thatcher to Gordon Brown, his views have been sought by different UK and European governments.

He was a special guest of HE Ban Ki-moon during the United Nations’ 70th anniversary. He was one of the leaders, along with Prime Minister Theresa May, and London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, who hosted the President of the European parliament, Martin Schulz. And Prof Imafidon was also amongst leaders in a similar meeting with Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the new EU president, Dr Ursula von der Leyen.

Imafidon is often quoted as saying “Every employee is GENIUS if given the appropriate tools, techniques and technology”. He demonstrated that Success is always sure if anyone follows simple instructions given during our e-seminars, webinars, #EIEBootCamps, and Sky TV programmes.

Imafidon considers himself as honoured and fortunate to have supervised some of the most dedicated students, managers, leaders and entrepreneurs ever.

He is humbled by past work that have led to recent awards, and numerous scientific papers/book chapters and invitations to speak in Parliaments as well as opportunities to train senior legislators, and industry leaders. He is a celebrated philanthropist and recognised pioneer in healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, novel technology, education, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

Imafidon is blessed with many children. Each child is a multi-world recorder holder and has exceeded the official current Guinness World Records in many categories.

Richard Someck, Vice President of Worldwide Who’s (of Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs) described Professor Chris Imafidon as an individual who “qualified for inclusion among distinguished individuals recognized for their professional integrity, longevity, outstanding achievement in their respective fields and their innumerable contributions to society as a whole.”

Leading industrialists and CEOs have recognised him as “the patriarch of modern education and informatics.”

He has vowed to continue to disseminate his collaborative findings in all sub-specialisms via virtual and hybrid means.


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