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LP’s Rhodes-Vivour Laments Growing Poverty, ‘Almajarization’ In Lagos

Dear Lagosians, a political elite that deploys violence and intimidation to secure power,is incapable of governing with compassion, and could care less about serving the people. They govern with impunity, accountability is an inconvenience, their modus operandi is to conquer citizens by pauperizing them.

Young men that should be in school or at work are high on drugs. Many young ladies are compelled to sell their bodies while many are trafficked.

It is painful to see the almajarization of lagos in this new “Agberocracy” – a reality that would see Pa Awolowo and Jakande turn in their graves.

Tribal bigotry is only a grand distraction, and you might think you belong because you perform for them on social media, but you will remain an outsider – only fit for the dirty jobs. What they asked you to do to your neighbour they will eventually do to you, because for them, it is not about tribe, or Yoruba greatness, It is simply about the looting of our common wealth for themselves, their families, and friends.

Wake up.


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