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PDP’s Idinye Blasts Orbih For Attacking Govs Obaseki, Mbah

A People’s Democratic Party, PDP chieftain in Edo State, High Chief Jacob Egietseme Idinye, has faulted the party’s National Vice Chairman in the South-South, Chief Dan Orbih, for taking a swipe at Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State over the role played in the recently concluded State’s Ward ad-hoc election.

Idinye, a two time gubernatorial aspirant in Edo State, also cautioned Orbih for inciting PDP aspirants in the state against Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State, adding that leaders’ spirit and character are supposed to endear them to everyone they meet in order to accentuate peace, progress and success of the party.

Speaking to journalists on Monday, Idinye said: “I am surprised that our party’s National Vice Chairman in South-South, Chief Dan Orbih would make himself an object of ridicule to the world by openly attacking an innocent man, the Governor of Enugu State, Peter Mbah of Enugu for showing his love and patriosm to the party.

“It is also appaling to see Chief Dan Orbih inciting nine gubernatorial aspirants in our party against our highly revered Governor and leader, Godwin Obasek when the aspirants visited him is unbecoming of a leader who is now portraying himself as a mole in the party to stir and hornets nest in the state. It’s so disrespectful and unheard that the former state chairman will openly attack a sitting governor in such derogatory manner.”

Idinye continued, “Edo State remains a peaceful and loving place by all standards and this explains why everyone sees it as home and such must not be jeopardised on the altar of personal interest and unpopular political influence whose mandate is to ruin the fortunes of our party as well as the glory of the state. I assure them all that they will all fail.

“Chief Orbih cannot continue to threaten state party chairman, he was party chairman for 12 years nobody threatened him, even through we didn’t win any election. What we are actually telling him without any disrespect is that we dont want to go back to opposition anymore. Meanwhile, he should show me any Governor in Nigeria who donot bring his sucessor.

“Why will he say he commended the courage of the aspirants in standing against the might of Governor Obaseki? He even went further to say their struggle and effort is not personal but for their collective interest and dream of a better Edo state. This is laughable and he has subconsciously stripped himself of any hinour left in him.

“What took place at the ad-hoc delegate election was a rancor free, transparent and credible electoral process in line with our party’s extant rules. The aspirants who purportedly disassociated themselves from the exercise should have a rethink and shouldn’t allow themselves to be misled by Chief Orbih.

“I must also commend Governor of Enugu State who supervised the process. Despite his tight schedule he flee in to Benin and sacrificed his time in the interest of democracy, posterity will definitely be kind to him. The withdrawal of Governor Seyi Makinde from his role as chairman of the PDP Committee to supervise the ad-hoc election cannot invalidate the integrity or success of that electoral exercise

“All those planning to use the National secretariat of our party to cause confusion in Edo State has failed woefully. I am confident that Governor is fully in charge of the affairs of the state as well as the party affairs. He has the leadership qualities to sustain the gloey of our state and his succession plan is flawless and should be applauded.” idinye stated

“However, we have been known to be well cultured politically in Edo State and we must continue on that part by continually giving honour to whom honour is due. We celebrate our heroes in Edo, we don’t disrespect them, hence the tirade by Chief Orbih is unacceptable and must be condemned in its entirety and must not be allowed to repeat itself especially in the interest of peace and development going into an election. I must also reiterate that the list of election officers was never muddled with Edo and Delta State government officials, moreover, there is no stranger flying the ticket of the party, all these assertions only exist in the imagination of those peddling such misleading narratives and falsehoods”

Chronicling the past events which didn’t favour the party in the past and calling for a rethink for greater good of the party, Idinye the Etsako East born politician added:

“Must we continue in the same thing that has not favoured us in the past for the present?
Also, can there be two captains in a boat? Why can’t everyone drop their prides and join hands with the leader of the party enshrined in the party’s constitution and work with him for the betterment of the party?

“The PDP constitution says the Governor of the State is the automatic leader of the party, followed by the state party chairman down to the wards and that every member has to work with instructions and directives coming from the national through the state chairman to the Wards and if there are any disagreements, there are channels of settlements within the party structure to resolve it.

“We were all around all through 2022/ 2023 saw all that happened with regards to primaries from the House of Assemblies, to Reps, to Senate and the parallel primaries and how the fight started from High Courts to Appeal Court to the supreme Court and it never ended in favour of the Governor and the state party chairman, this pull him down syndrome must stop in our state. But look at his counterpart in Delta state, the then state Governor had his way and the state and the party are all better for the outcome of the process, Edo must not be an exception for good and greater glory in the state.

“Why do we still want to thread the same path that didn’t produce our desire results last year, again this year? We should also not forget that the ward Congress is coming in a month time, bet me, the Governor will still have his way and plant his men from the 192 Wards as Wards executives and to the Local Government and even in the state, the Governor have up to November 12, 2024 to leave office.

“The earlier, the better, we must all find a way to work with him and the state party chairman. Because whether the party wins or not, this our Governor Godwin Obaseki has come to stay, he goes no where and with him and H.E Lucky igbenedion, Ogiadomehe and others, the party is in their hands. It is an advise and the best way forward.”

Idinye further noted, “Obaseki has raised and mentored many as well as empowered a lot of persons who are very much relevant in the political architecture of the state today and as such must be given that salute not just as a political general but a collosus. There is no doubt absolutely that PDP is winning the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Edo State by the grace of God Almighty.”


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