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Revitalising Political Fortunes Of PDP: The Role Of Discipline And Decorum


Chief Akinwumi Akinfenwa


The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of Nigeria has a rich history and has been one of the major political parties in the country. However, in recent years, it has faced significant challenges and a decline in its political fortunes.

In order to revitalise its political fortunes and regain the trust of the electorate, the party must prioritise the crucial role of discipline and decorum. By instilling these values within its ranks, the PDP can rebuild its image, enhance its effectiveness, and position itself for success in future elections.

Assessing The Setback

The recent electoral setbacks have prompted a critical examination of the internal dynamics and external perceptions that contributed to PDP’s diminished standing.

Transparent Communication For Trust Rebuilding

One of the initial steps in the party’s revival involves transparent communication. PDP must openly address the factors that led to its electoral challenges, fostering an environment of trust and accountability. By acknowledging shortcomings and outlining a clear path forward, the party can rebuild credibility among its members and the Nigerian electorate.

Establishing Clear Party Guidelines

Discipline within PDP requires a structured framework. The party must establish and enforce clear guidelines that define acceptable behaviour and practices. This includes addressing internal disagreements through established channels, ensuring a united front that projects strength rather than internal division.

Prioritising Respectful Discourse In Politics

In a political landscape often marked by heated rhetoric, PDP can distinguish itself by prioritising respectful discourse. Encouraging party members to engage in constructive and respectful conversations fosters a positive public image. Respectful communication not only enhances the party’s reputation but also resonates with voters seeking a more dignified political culture.

Accountability And Unity As Pillars Of Renewal

Discipline goes hand in hand with accountability. PDP leaders must hold themselves and their members accountable for past actions and decisions. A united party, with a shared commitment to the principles of democracy, demonstrates resilience and determination to navigate challenges.

Reconnecting With The Nigerian Public

Discipline and decorum are not merely internal considerations; they are crucial in reconnecting with the Nigerian public. By projecting an image of ethical governance and responsible leadership, PDP can appeal to voters who may have grown disillusioned by previous shortcomings. Rebuilding public trust is a gradual process, but one that is achievable through consistent displays of discipline.

Leadership: The Catalyst For Change

The success of revitalising PDP lies in the quality of leadership. Party leaders must embody the values of discipline and decorum, becoming exemplars for the entire organisation. Consistent adherence to these principles and a commitment to the greater good will pave the way for a rejuvenated party ready to face the challenges of Nigerian politics.

In the journey to revitalise its political fortunes, the PDP must recognise that discipline and decorum are not just strategic tools but the foundation upon which a stronger and more resilient party can be built. By embracing these crucial elements, PDP can navigate the path to renewal and emerge as a formidable force in Nigerian politics once again.

Revitalising the political fortunes of PDP will not be an overnight task. It requires a long-term commitment to instilling discipline and decorum within the party. By doing so, PDP can foster unity, enhance its effectiveness in decision-making and communication, and regain the trust and support of the Nigerian electorate.

In conclusion, emphasising discipline and decorum will lead to a stronger and more effective party, capable of regaining its relevance and success in future elections.


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