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APU Condemns Poor Youth’s Congregation At Tinubu’s Residence On Christmas Eve

Press Release

APU Condemns Poor Youth’s Congregation At Tinubu’s Residence On Christmas Eve

Atiku People United (APU) hereby condemns in its totality the congregation of youth at Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s mansion on Christmas Eve. If the proper thing had been done, no “begi begi” would have occurred.

On the eve of Christmas, December 24, 2022, thousands of youth, with ages ranging from 18 to 40, gathered at the Bourdillon Avenue, lkoyi, Lagos entrance of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s palatial mansion.

They had started gathering in the late afternoon and were there till the wee hours of the next day. You must be wondering what they were looking for, after all, no political rally was being proposed for the next day.

Investigations revealed that the youth did not come to protest but merely wanted cash handouts from the Lord of the Manor himself. They wanted Christmas stipends to enjoy the yuletide!

Anybody passing through the area, would initially want to make a U-turn. A closer look at the youth revealed the level of hopelessness and helplessness written boldly on their faces. Will we be attended to? These were the words heard from some of them.

“We come make Asiwaju find us something we go take do Christmas, joor!” a bunch of them numbering about 15 hollered. “Na beg, we come beg for money ooo!” they added exasperatedly.

This is seriously embarrassing, to say the least. Is this a civilised behaviour? Is this the proper way to empower the youth? Not in the least.

Looking into its psychosocial implications, it follows that if solution is not found quickly, we may be entering another level of decay in our socio-political development. For example, if Asiwaju settles them, this Christmas, what about the next.

For many of them, hope is lost. If they don’t collect money, they are sure to hit the streets that night to rob innocent Lagosians.

Many of them who already are confirmed area boys, motor garage touts, political thugs, street urchins, etc. are the creation of Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu himself. His government and those after him created this monster of poverty in Lagos.

I recall without difficulty the era of retired General Buba Marwa as Military Administrator in Lagos. He dealt squarely with the issue of area boys and the city was freed from the harassment by street urchins, pickpockets, etc. Instead, he began to move to mould them into “good boys and girls”.

However, with the arrival of Tinubu as civilian Governor of Lagos, the music changed. The result is their invasion of his residence to collect their “own” share of the national cake.

What is the solution to this social malaise? How do we solve this level of youth restiveness and intransigence of the polity?

A quick one is to change this APC government and elect a government that will be youth-friendly; a government that will provide jobs, jobs and jobs for the youth.


Coker Onita

Director, Information And Strategy Of The Atiku People United (APU)

30th December 2022


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